Sizing for Anklets

  Want to figure out your ankle size but don’t have a cloth measuring tape?  Just use a piece of string or some other thin, flexible material, wrap it around your ankle to the correct length, then measure with a ruler.

Women’s Ankle Sizes (averages)

  • women ave. size:  9-9.5″

  • women plus size:  10-10.5″

  • girls:  7-8″

Adjustable Anklet Using Bead Tips


Warm weather is here, so why not add a little bling to your ankle?! Wearing an anklet will naturally draw the eye down and point out your fabulous new spring/summer pedicure (without you having to tell people!!).  They might even compliment you on your awesome new anklet.  🙂

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to use bead tips, crimps, wire, and a chain extender to make a simple ankle bracelet.  Read more