Remembering A Special Hero This Memorial Day

danI was not expecting the knock on my door at 11pm on that Sunday night.  My six month old was sleeping soundly in the room across the hall from me as I went down the stairs to see who it was.  My heart pounded in my chest and I tripped over the baby swing as I backed away from the door, letting in an Army Chaplain and another soldier in Class A uniform.

It’s truly unbelievable how the world as you know it can change so quickly.  One minute I was a wife and mother, the next I was a widow and my son had no father.  That was the hardest part, knowing that my son would never get to know his dad.  Thank goodness we are still able to stay in touch with his family after all these years.

My husband was SSG Daniel D. Busch.  We had been married a little over three years when he deployed with his unit to Mogadishu, Somalia.  Dan was a sniper in the first Black Hawk helicopter that was shot down by an RPG on October 3rd, 1993.  He ended up getting shot in the femoral artery right below his body armor while trying to defend the helicopter from bullets and the deadly mob.  His friend was eventually able to get him to a smaller helicopter (all while having been shot in the shoulder himself) that had landed about a block away, but the damage was too much to repair.  One of Dan’s favorite sayings was, “A good Christian soldier is just a click away from heaven!”  He made it home that day.

I am very blessed to have had those few years with Dan and to have a wonderful son together.  He was and always will be my personal hero.  Never forget!!  Thank you to all of our veterans and their families for their service and sacrifice.  God bless!


In this photo, I’m with my son, Mitchell, who is shaking General Ivany’s hand at Arlington National Cemetery.   I believe he was around four years old at the time.



Mitchell and Dan’s uncle several years ago doing a rub of Dan’s name on the memorial wall in the courtyard.






Please note that since all this happened, I was blessed to find a wonderful man who raised my son as if he were his own.  Mitchell has since graduated from college, has a job working with an environmental agency, and is getting married this fall!

**If you would like more information on what happened in Mogadishu on that day, you can watch the movie “Black Hawk Down” or read the book.  There are also a multitude of other great resources out there on this subject.  I’m including a few.  Unfortunately, I was unable to include some of the better “60 Minutes” videos.

– Memorial of Dan:

– Part 2 of 5 of History Channel video of “The True Story of Black Hawk Down.”  Dan is mentioned toward the end (start somewhere around 17:20)  Graphic.

Actual helicopter crash (some graphic scenes).


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