Sizing for Anklets

  Want to figure out your ankle size but don’t have a cloth measuring tape?  Just use a piece of string or some other thin, flexible material, wrap it around your ankle to the correct length, then measure with a ruler.

Women’s Ankle Sizes (averages)

  • women ave. size:  9-9.5″

  • women plus size:  10-10.5″

  • girls:  7-8″

Super Magnetic Clasp Converters for Necklaces


These magnetic clasp converters are great if you or someone you know has trouble with regular clasps (people with arthritis really appreciate these!).  They’re very easy to attach and they’re not permanent, so they can be switched between several necklaces.  Don’t let their small size fool you…these magnets are STRONG!

Take a look at the difference between a necklace with a regular spring ring clasp and  then with the magnetic clasp converter added.



To use, simply attach the clasp on the necklace to the loop on the magnet.  Then attach the clasp on the other side of the magnet to the loop on the necklace.  Then all you have to do is pull the magnets apart to open.  ♥ TIP:  It’s best to slide your fingernail between the magnets in order to pull them apart to lessen wear and tear on your necklace.  Also, try using one of these on a lightweight bracelet you might have that is a little too short for your wrist.  These clasps will add about 1/2″ to the length.

Clasps available in sterling silver and 14/20 gold-filled.

Adjustable Anklet Using Bead Tips


Warm weather is here, so why not add a little bling to your ankle?! Wearing an anklet will naturally draw the eye down and point out your fabulous new spring/summer pedicure (without you having to tell people!!).  They might even compliment you on your awesome new anklet.  🙂

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to use bead tips, crimps, wire, and a chain extender to make a simple ankle bracelet.  Read more

Remembering A Special Hero This Memorial Day

danI was not expecting the knock on my door at 11pm on that Sunday night.  My six month old was sleeping soundly in the room across the hall from me as I went down the stairs to see who it was.  My heart pounded in my chest and I tripped over the baby swing as I backed away from the door, letting in an Army Chaplain and another soldier in Class A uniform.

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