3 Little Hearts Necklace


I like to mix finishes when making jewelry which is why I love this necklace so much.  Satin hamilton gold and matte silver rhodium pair up nicely.  Both are soft, muted colors unlike regular gold and silver.  They tend to be a little more…romantic!  Ugh!  Maybe I should stop reading so many books.  🙂 

Supplies needed:3HeartSupplies

  • 16 1/2″ satin hamilton gold beading chain (ChSHG004)
  • 2pc 4mm, 21ga satin hamilton gold jump rings (JR421SHG)
  • 2pc satin hamilton gold crimp ends with loops (CrLp1SHG)
  • 1pc satin hamilton gold 9x5mm lobster clasp (Cl9SHG)
  • 1pc satin hamilton gold heart bead (BdSHG223)
  • 2pc matte silver rhodium gold heart beads (BdMS223)

Tools needed:3HeartTools

  • cutter or side cutter
  • 2 chain-nose pliers


Cut your beading chain to 16.5″ or whatever length you desire.  Add a crimp end with loop to the end of one side of the chain.  This can be tricky since the crimps are fairly tiny, but do your best to fold over one side at a time over the chain with the pliers. 3HeartsCrimp

Add the heart beads on the chain placing the satin hamilton gold heart in the center.  Attach the other crimp end with loop.  Then add the jump rings on each crimp loop, along with the clasp on one side.


Finished product! Plain3HeartsFlower3Hearts

TipIf you would rather have more silver than gold, exchange the items.  Antique silver finished chain and findings work great with matte silver rhodium.  Or if you would rather have a chain that doesn’t require the crimp ends with loops, try this satin hamilton gold elongated cable link chain and the 3mm, 22ga jump rings that work with it (also available in antique silver).

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